Visiting and touring our Masjid (Mosque): The Islamic Center of Lexington.
  • Islam addresses human kind on both the spiritual and the physical levels. From the physical side, Islam looks at the differences between men
    and women as a matter that needs to be acknowledged, appreciated and dealt with. Instead of ignoring these differences or, even worse,
    allowing mankind to handle the differences on their own.
  • In the subject of physical contact, men and women are not allowed to touch each other unless they are spouses, parents, kids, brothers,
    sisters so on. This means, hand shaking is considered inappropriate, so please keep that in mind while visiting.
  • All adult visitors and children above the age of 12 are requested to observe modest dress when visiting our Islamic Center of Lexington, or
    any mosque in this regard. Shorts and revealing cloth are considered inappropriate inside our worshiping area. We ask you to wear modest
    clothes while visiting.
  • We ask that female visitors cover their heads to show respect to other worshipers as well as to enrich their own experience.
  • If you are getting the information for a group of visitors or somebody who might visit with you, please relate all the information on this page to
    them or ask them to visit this page.
  • Many individuals who visit on their own for their own reasons.
  • Classes from schools and colleges that have studies related to world religions or cultures.
  • Churches in Lexington and the surrounding area.
  • The main prayer area must stay clean and shoes are not allowed inside.
    Please remove your shoes and place them in the shoe rack you will find
    by the entrance door.
We suggest a minimum of 15 minutes for your planning purposes. However, if you have questions about Islam and Muslims, you might want
to plan for a longer visit. Our weekly prayer is on Friday, around the midday prayers, between 1 and 2 PM. Because of logistics and parking
issues, we kindly ask to avoid Friday visits at that time, especially for groups.
For your convenience, we have a monthly general public tour, where you don't have to set any appointments or make any contact.
Our next general public tour is on
Saturday, DEC the 7th, at 1:30 PM. We hope to see you then.
Welcome: While Islam is the fastest growing religion in the west, there are
many negative and false claims about Islam and Muslims as well as
misconceptions. We invite you to take a step towards the truth. Ask
questions and find out why thousands are converting to Islam every year.

Welcome and thank you for visiting our Masjid (Mosque).
Visiting time:

Our Masjid is open only during the prayer times. To arrange for
someone to receive you, visits should be arranged in advance,
preferably, via email. Visits can be arranged upon request, but are
subject to availability.
What is in the general public tour?

  • A visit to the main prayer hall.A brief introduction to Islam and Muslims by
    the tour guide.
  • Your questions are welcome: Feel free to ask any question on your mind.
  • Free literature on Islam and Muslims are available.
  • For groups, schools and classes; a multimedia presentation is available.
    This could also be done for individuals upon prearranged request.
Visitors' Page: Read and learn about Islam and Muslims
Address:  649 South Limestone Street Lexington, KY 40508.
Contact us via e-mail: ... (Request a visiting time or ask a question).
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