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Besides providing, maintaining and improving the place of the daily worship, the Islamic Center of Lexington strives to provide these services as well:



Weddings/Marriages: See Shikh Mahmoud Shalash


Islamic Center of Lexington provides marriage service. In order to get married one would need the following documents:

·        A valid marriage license from the county, or an official marriage certificate

·        Two Muslim witnesses - The Islamic center will not provide any witnesses

·        A valid identification such as driver license, passport, I.D., etc...

·        A recommended donation payable to the Islamic Society of Central KY

·        For more info, call the Islamic Center @ (859) 255-0335


Funeral, Janaz and Burial: See Shikh Mahmoud Shalash


Janaza prayer is normally held at the Islamic Center of Lexington;

The Funeral Home will coordinate the burial process, which includes the following:

·        Transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the Burial Preparation Room in Downtown location;

·        Maintain the deceased overnight, if necessary;

·        The Islamic Center can provide volunteers to perform Ghusl;

·        No more than 4 persons are allowed in the washing room during Ghusl;

·        Transportation of the deceased from Funeral Home to the Islamic Center for Janaza prayer and then to the Islamic cemetery section at Blue Grass Memorial Gardens for burial;

·        For more info, call the Islamic Center @ (859) 255-0335



The Tradition of Mourning

It is recommended that you offer Dua’a (supplication) on behalf of the deceased before burial. You are encouraged to place a few handfuls of earth over the casket at time of burial.

According to the tradition of prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the mourning period may not exceed three days. Out of respect, the head stone slab over the grave will not be inscribed with Quranic verses to avoid stepping over it.

The following are not part of Islamic teachings:

§         Wailing and excessive emotional display

§         Wearing of black clothing

§         Displaying the deceased in an open coffin

§         Burying in an ornate casket

§         No object to be placed in the casket with the body

May Allah give you long life with the highest level of Eman.



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